Kable House Presents is an independent concert series hosted at York’s historic Central Market House and featuring up-and-coming national touring acts in intimate evening performances. 

Food and beverages are available for purchase from featured Central Market vendors before and during the shows. Kable House Presents is entirely volunteer-driven. We rent the market about once a month for these shows - we are not affiliated with Central Market.

Live Music in York, PA

York has earned a reputation as a live music destination and has gained prominence in the national music community over the last several years. Our downtown was fortunate to have two well-established, great-sounding venues at opposite ends of the capacity spectrum: one that accommodates audiences of up to 500 and one that seats up to 50. But we were often overlooked for shows in between those sizes, either because they were priced too high for the smaller venue or not able to draw enough of an audience for the larger space. We started Kable House Presents to provide an opportunity to showcase artists from early on in their careers and help them establish an audience in York.

We began in 2014 with generous support from the community, including a $10,000 Creative Impact Award from the Cultural Alliance of York County, private contributions, and a Kickstarter campaign. That funding covered the expenses for our first season, and ticket revenue and additional contributions from the community have kept the series going.

While you're here for the shows, make a night of it! There are plenty of bars, restaurants, and galleries within a few blocks of the venue. We are so proud of our downtown and all it has to offer, and would be happy to make recommendations if you are unfamiliar with the neighborhood.

Kable House Presents is helmed by Yorkers who have a proven track record for live music promotions, grassroots community building, and excellence in special events. We are proud to offer another perfect space for an intimate exchange between artist and audience.

Help Keep Kable House Presents Going

We will never break even on ticket sales alone. We rely on contributions from generous supporters like you to keep this series running.